ABC What an Informed Voter You'll Be! (For Kids Grades K - 5th): An A to Z Overview of US Government, American Politics and Elections for Children

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ABC What an Informed Voter You'll Be! | by Modern Kid Press and Jacy Corral

Share the importance of civic engagement in this simple and informative book for children!

In this A to Z overview of American government, children will be introduced to the structures of government, influential leaders in US history, and individual freedoms afforded to all people.

With topics ranging from the Constitution to Democracy to the Electoral College, complex subjects are simplified with engaging writing and eye-catching illustrations. Even young elementary children will be excited to learn what it means to be an American!

Small and mighty, this book will help raise up the next generation of engaged, informed, VOTING Americans prepared to exercise their democratic rights.

ABC What an Informed Voter You'll Be! includes:

  • Suitable for kids grades K - 5th