Notes From A Coach: 31 Days of Meditation for Teenage Girls

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Teenage years can be the most challenging and impressionable of one’s life. As a young girl, there is so much to learn and to figure out that frankly, it can be quite overwhelming! “How do I cope with socializing, making friends and the inevitable trials of peer pressure? What is considered proper personal hygiene and wellness and how can I incorporate it into my daily routine? Am I mentally and physically competent to handle the responsibilities associated with dating or having sexual intercourse?” Many parents don’t take the time, don’t have the time, or just are not present to orchestrate these essential milestones in their daughter’s life. In Notes From a Coach, Carla Harris examines the multi-faceted issues teenage girls will encounter; while providing insight that will hopefully close the communication gap between parents and their children and help cultivate their relationships with one another.

Age Range:  13 - 18