How Are You Today?: A Celebration of Children's Emotions

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I'm feeling Nervous. What makes you feel nervous?

I’m feeling Playful. What do you do when you play?

Use your words! That’s what parents and teachers often say to children. Now kids will have the words to describe how they are feeling. Those "emotion words" are a hot topic in education, often referred to as social and emotional learning or SEL. Research shows that one of the greatest predictors of a child's success in school is their social and emotional health.

This interactive book is a game-changer for educators, counselors and parents to use in their efforts to teach kids to name their feelings. It is filled with multicultural images of children showing a variety of emotions from A to Z. Children everywhere will relate to the images and emojis in this book. What a fun tool for kids that will help them become successful, healthy, articulate human beings!

Includes a vocabulary list and discussion guide. 

Emotions included are: Athletic/ Boisterous /Bored /Brave /Competitive /Eager/ Excited /Fascinated /Feisty /Friendly /Grown-up /Happy /Helpful/ Mischievous /Nervous /Nurturing /Playful/ Quiet /Sad /Satisfied /Scared/ Shy /Sick/ Silly/ Smart /Special Sweet/ Talented /Tense/ Upset /Zany


For more info on the author, Linda Mitchell & Watch a panel of experts explain the importance of SEL, check out her website: