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Paperback - Buckle Up and Journey with Brave Rave. The Brave Rave Book Series is young Raven’s real-life journal where she writes down all her secrets and tries to figure out how to manage her life. Her days are full to bursting point with chess, ballet, ice-skating, horse riding, soccer, swimming and other exhausting activities. To make matters even more challenging, she has to attend a new school and make new friends. With an equal measure of curiosity and reluctance, Raven does her best to measure up to her Diva Mom and DO-IT-ALL DAD's extraordinary standards of greatness. The consequences are frequently hilarious but often build grit and character. Follow her adventures as she tries to understand the bewildering world of grown ups and discover how she becomes empowered and earns her nickname Brave Rave.

Age Range:   7 - 12