But It's Not My Fault!

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Paperback - 

Poor Noodle. Things just don't seem to be going his way. But it's not his fault!

Award-winning author Julia Cook's newest title, the first in the new Responsible Me! series, follows Noodle through a very rough day at school. It just isn't his fault that his brother's game ran late, and he didn't finish his homework. Or that his mom forgot to remind him to return his library book. Or that Mary Gold got in his airspace and hit his arm with her head...

Luckily, Noodle's mom is there to teach him about the importance of accepting responsibility. Join Noodle on his journey as he learns not to blame others or try to find fault, but instead practices accepting responsibility, and turns his very rough day into a very good NEW day!

Age Range:  4 - 8