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Clubhouse Mysteries Series #6: Stars and Sparks on Stage

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Author : Sharon M. Draper

Paperback - The Clubhouse kids compete for a big prize—and make some creative moves—in this repackaged and talent-filled tale from bestselling author Sharon Draper.

Ziggy, Jerome, Rashawn, and Rico are sure they’re going to win the upcoming school talent show. And the best part? First prize is $200! With great singing and showmanship, the boys are already envisioning all the new upgrades they’ll give their clubhouse when they win the prize money. But they didn’t count on a little girl with a big, big voice, who just might have what it takes to overcome the Clubhouse kids—and who also needs the money much more than the boys do. Can everyone come out a winner in this contest?

Age Range:    8 - 11

Guided Reading:  R