EyeSeeMe Summer Reading Program

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There is a magical time between ages 3 to 7 when children expand out beyond verbal communication and start to develop written language skills as well. One of the most lasting ways to impact your children's overall success and joy is by instilling in them a love and passion for reading. Moreover, if children learn to enjoy reading, they will further develop reading skills on their own and not see it as a chore or difficult task to avoid.

Through the use of selective books that feature African American characters, the EyeSeeMe Summer Reading Program help children feel good about themselves, their families, and their communities. This program also exposes non black children to the beauty of African American culture and experiences beyond their immediate lives, which helps build tolerance and respect toward all. 

This a very unique program - you will only find at EyeSeeMe

During this eight week program your child will be introduced to an exciting new book each week which they will keep to add to their home library.  Students will develop a love of books and reading while being exposed to African American images that promote positive self esteem and cultural appreciation

8 Weeks—$250