Great Black Heroes: Five Brilliant Scientists

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Paperback - "This easy-reader provides short, concise biographical sketches of the early lives and major accomplishments of Susan McKinney Steward, George Washington Carver, Ernest Everett Just, Percy Lavon Julian, and Shirley Ann Jackson. Jones provides just enough information for reports for -younger primary or reluctant upper elementary students. The straight forward text is written in short, uncomplicated sentences with a few instances of fictionalization. Though the black-and-white archival photos and reproductions and the colorful artwork lack brightness and clarity, they still provide a personal touch and help readers see how these individuals looked at different stages of their lives. overall, this title is worth the purchase for its coverage and it's accessible format."-Eunice Weech, M. L. King Elementary School Urbana, IL

Age Range:  4 - 8