Kush, the Jewel of Nubia: Reconnecting the Root System of African Civilization

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The great Chiekh Anta Diop gave African culture roots from which one can trace the branches. No African researcher since, however, has provided a comprehensive analysis connecting the ancient Nile Valley civilzation with the African cultural universe. From the pyramids of Egypt to the great walls of Zimbabwe, Western scholars have attributed the achievements of these prodigious indigenous African civilizations to people culturally and geographically alien to Africa. In the case of the ancient Nubian empire of Kush, however, which occupied the southern part of Kemet (ancient Egypt) and all of present-day Sudan, one expects reasonable scholars to attribute this African culture to an African people. Sadly, however, the dogmatic, eurocentric Hegelian analysis of Africa is still alive and well in even the most current research on Nubia and Kush. It is up to African scholars to reconstruct Kushite history using an Afrocentric approach in order to shed light on this vital part of our African heritage. The present much-needed work traces Diop's great "African cultural commonalities" of matriarchy, totemism, divine kingship, and cosmogony to the very core of Kushite culture. This work represents the cutting edge of a new generation of Afrocentric. scholarship whose mandate it is to provide a clearer picture of Africa's true nature and of its genuine contribution to World Civilization.