Little Professor Skye: Favorite Things

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Hardback -  Little Professor Skye is a book for all children that shows the possibilities of imagination and learning. Skye's adventures in an awesomely long, fun-filled day show the various interests and curious thoughts children her age have and when allowed to run free, expose the beauty of creativity from the mind of a child. Little Professor Skye is just like every other young lady who has a robot as a pal and experiences all her favorite activities in one day. From a school visit by the White House's First Family to tea parties, to rocking out with her friends in her band, Skye's day demonstrates how cool it is to be smart and learn new things. Cutie Pie, Pilar, Chase, and several other friends join her on her experiences as she learns about science, math, music, and athletics, all the while, making her Daddy proud along the way.

Age Range:  5 - 9