I'm A Brilliant Little Black Boy!

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Hardcover -  Launching THE BBOY COLLECTION / THE I'M A BOY COLLECTION, we introduce "I'M A BRILLIANT LITTLE BLACK BOY!  Finally a gloriously designed and joyful, colorful picture book to celebrate our little Black boys with LOVE!

Meet our newest character, Joshua! He is a little boy who has big dreams and ideas as BRILLIANT as the stars! 

With all of his good friends, Joshua’s days are filled with adventures where books, a telescope, a red-superhero cape, rhyming hip-hop verse, twinkling fireflies that light up the magical summer skies above a card board fort in the park— and so much more — is just what boyhood innocence and imagination is all about. 

Kind, smart, creative and always thinking— Joshua learns that through studying,
good deeds, working hard and aiming to be brilliant . . . we can really shine!
Age Range:   4 - 9