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Wall Calendar - It’s back for 2023: Our Children, Our Hope African American Wall Calendar. Columbian artist, Dora Alis, uses a striking technique to depict the elegance, innocence and diversity of children. The 2023 Black Art Wall Calendar, “Our Children, Our Hope,” features selections from the Collection Portraits of Innocence. This vibrant collection of work was inspired by children of Africa with the objective to highlight the beauty of black children around the world. As these images touch your heart may you be encouraged by the hope and integrity of our next generations.  The Our Children, Our Hope 2023 African American Wall Calendar also includes Black History facts throughout the year.

Dora Alis is an accomplished figurative artist from a town called El Queremal in the Republic of Colombia. She has painted professionally since 1996, and in addition to exhibiting throughout Colombia, Dora has taken great joy as an art professor at various institutions. In 2009, Dora announced her latest body of work dedicated to depictions of children, the Collection Portraits of Innocence. The collection included more than 100 portraits in various techniques, and was originally inspired by children of Africa. With an acute attention to detail and masterful capture of personality, this
collection highlights the color and beauty of black children. Dora works in several mediums including oil, acrylic, graphite pencil, Chinese ink, colored pencils, oil pastel and others.