Penny and the magic puffballs- My friend Roxie (Volume 2)

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Paperback - In this second installment of the Penny and Magic Puffballs book series, Penny witnesses bullying and learns the valuable lesson of being a friend in a time of need. Girls can be mean sometimes and this story is meant to encourage kindness, especially to those who may need a friend. In this book, Penny models compassion, courage and helps to create magic in someone else's day. Penny also shares the enduring message that “It’s ok to be different” with her new friend Roxie. Penny and the magic puffballs was born out of my love for my daughter Paris, and my desire for her to feel comfortable, confident and secure in her skin. She questioned why her hair was different from all of the other girls and wondered why she couldn’t wear her hair like theirs. I wanted her to know that different didn’t mean bad, different was special. Praise for Penny and the magic puffballs – Volume 1 Amazon Bestseller and 5 Star Review “Great uplifting story and good for anyone to learn lessons on accepting yourself as is” “Empowering story and a confidence builder” Selected by Essence Magazine as one of “Books all black children should read” Chosen by MSNBC/The Grio as one of the” Most Inspiring children’s books”

Age Range:  4 - 8