Sassy #2 The Birthday Storm

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Hardcover - Sassy is excited because she is going to go to Florida to visit her grandmother. While there, the family will celebrate Grammy's birthday. How exciting! Unfortunately, a hurricane is headed straight for Grammy's town. All the shops get boarded up. Grammy's birthday arrives, and Sassy realizes that all of the usual celebratory elements of birthday parties are not going to happen. There will not even be candles to blow out. Fortunately, the day is not really ruined. The family gets involved with others in helping the baby sea turtles that are to be born on the beaches. They find the eggs and move them to a safe place, hoping that the baby turtles will hatch. Sassy has many questions, including "Were the turtles hurt in the move?" "Will they know what direction the ocean it?" "Will all the eggs hatch?" Her questions go on and on. Ultimately, Sassy learns that love is the best birthday gift of all. At the end of the book, the author includes a page of "Facts about Hurricanes" and a page of "Facts about Sea Turtles." This is a fun book to read. It is perfect for teaching a bit of science as well as a bit of life

Age Range : 9 - 13