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Eyeseeme Book Fair

African American - Multicultural Book Fairs

In order to increase the number of diverse books in the home we offer Book Fairs to schools, daycares, and other organizations, which can also be a means of fundraising.  The excitement of an Eyeseeme  Book Fair is one of the best ways to encourage reading and introduce children to new literature. It's a great opportunity to offer a diverse selection of culturally responsive reading choices for their students, which can also help all children develop a respect for those who are different from them.

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Our Book Fairs have Two Components 

  • The Online Book Fair opens up participation to families and friends across the nation, and makes it convenient for parents who are not able to attend the Book Fair in person.
  • The In School Book Fair will take place at your location where we will bring a full assortment of books according to your criteria (demographics, grade level, etc...) to be available for purchase during the Book Fair.

Eyeseeme Book Fair Request

If you are interested in hosting a Book Fair at your School or Organization please complete the following form and we will contact you shortly.