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Top Predictor of Academic Success

Books in the Home

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Research tells us that the number one predictor of academic success is the number of books a child has in their home. For example, University of Nevada-Reno sociologist Mariah Evans led a research team and conducted a 20-year study that found the presence of books in the home to be the top predictor of whether a child will do well on standardized tests and attain a high level of education. This was found to be especially true for children from disadvantaged families. Unfortunately, the children that need it the most can afford it the least.
We provide African American Children's books to low-income families to ensure all children can realize the benefits of having a home library
Our Mission
The Eyeseeme Foundation's mission is to promote literacy and a love for reading among African American households based on the latest research in children literacy
What Turns Off Black Children from reading?

A Lack of Positive Black Images

All children need to see themselves in the literature they read. Unfortunately, many of the schools and libraries do not have an adequate number of diverse books. When children only see other people in books we tell them that they are not important enough or not worthy of being in print. Year after year of this can be devastating on a child’s self-esteem and desire to engage in school, literacy abilities, and academic progress. As a result, many become turned off by the school that ignores their culture.

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Book Angel Program
As a Book Angel, your financial donation will help provide free books to low income children
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Reading Programs
Help support literacy programs and workshops led by reading professionals
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Mosaic Program
Help add culturally diverse books to your local school, classrooms and libraries
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Thank you in advance for your donation. Your support will aid us in furthering our goals. The Eyeseeme Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services are provided in exchange for your generous donation.
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