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Diversity Book Fairs

The excitement of an Eyeseeme Book Fair is one of the best ways to encourage reading and introduce children to new literature. It's a great opportunity to offer a diverse selection of culturally responsive reading choices for their students, which can also help all children develop a respect for those who are different from them.
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Eyeseeme Book Fairs
Book Bundles & Class Set

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Book Bundles & Class Sets

Our Book Bundle collections supply a comprehensive assortment of titles that are perfect for adding diversity and depth to classrooms and school libraries. All titles within our book collections for schools have been carefully reviewed and leveled, making it easy to choose the best possible reading collection to suit your students’ needs
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Field Trips

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We regularly host field trips to our unique store. From elementary students, college students, or teachers, everyone is welcome and loves the variety of activities we can formulate for them. It's easy to arrange a field trip for your group 
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Eyeseeme Book Fairs
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Author Visits

School Events

If you’re interested in having an author visit your school, look no further! Eyeseeme can help provide authors for presentations and signings with your school. We also have a list of local authors that are available to be requested.
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Consulting Services

“...Together, We Win...”

Interested in adding diversity to your classroom/school, but not sure where to start? Want to leverage our expertise in diverse literature with your teachers and staff? We are very flexible and can put together a package that works for your needs, from Professional Development to One on One coaching. Our many years of experience coupled with our passion make Eyeseeme an excellent choice.
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