The Release

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Paperback- These spiritual uplifting poems will take you on a journey of laughter, peace, forgiveness and maybe even some pain or reality checks. The purpose is to help you release so that you can catch your second breath and live out the life that God has always wanted you to live. The Release deals in areas of letting go. These poems are about words that have been said, actions taken and witnessed.
If you are holding on to what you have now, then there is no room for more. Your grip is holding so tightly to what you have, you are fearful that if you open your hands you may just lose it. These releases speak to different areas where struggle can abound like finances, fears, friendships,
relationships, lifestyles, etc . It ís like a cocoon before it forms into a butterfly. The metamorphosis that butterflies go through can be an ugly, nasty looking, and disgusting thing, but the end product is its beauty. It is amazing to come from the old body and into the new one.
Age Range: Adult